B-Grade ECHO WP 16mm 1600-2000FOM ZSW1358D Manual Gain

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This product is no longer available.

These tubes are overstock from previous projects and have cosmetic flaws that do not affect the function.
These tubes have not been installed and are sold as new with specsheet.

The tube comes with an 18mm sleeve which allows this tube to be fitted into a standard 18mm housing. this allows the customer to use this tube in standard 18mm housings.

The 16mm IIT's...

Because we use exactly this type of IIT for our RNVG to create a good and attractively priced alternative for the European night vision market.
In fact the 16mm IIT's work exactly the same way as the standard 18mm IIT's. Why did they go the extra mile to build 16mm ITT's? The answer is simple... . The 16mm ITT's have simple advantages such as lower power consumption, therefore better energy efficiency, they weigh about 30g less than the standard 18mm ANIV ITT's. As a result of the slightly smaller diameter, the field of view is reduced from 40° (with standard 18mm IITs) to 38°. This means that 16mm IITs are not attractive for every customer, but they are still a very good and relatively inexpensive alternative.


FOM:                1.611

Gain:                8.707

Resolution:      68

S/N:                 23.70

EBI:                 0.10

1.100 € +VAT 

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